Welcome to Magical Adventure. This site will provide you with content and experiences that will educate, engage, and support you in your daily work as a professional at the intersection between marketing and technology.

Every aspect of marketing can be enabled by technology. The digital data drives results. Experience is driven by design, video, and content tools. Technology can often make the difference between high-performing marketing campaigns and those that fail. Marketers have more options to reach the right audience at the right moment with the right message thanks to technology.

Magical Adventure is unique in its mission. The mainstream marketer’s perspective will be revealed: practical, innovative, brand-safe, and results-driven. It is a resource- and time-constrained. This is the quest to uncover universal problems marketers face. The ultimate goal is to reveal the many solutions that they have found to help customers succeed in today’s digital-first, customer-centric and multichannel marketing environment.

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