How to Be Extra: A Pet Owner’s Guide to Spoiling Fur Babies

Family pet owners are known to spend extravagantly to keep their cherished ones happy. You see the memes and realize that this happens in various parts of the world. Yes, pet enthusiasts, it is universal, so do not be ashamed!

Pets give joy, ease tension, and even provide emotional support. These are some of the reasons spending a little more doesn’t hurt pet owners. If you feel that you have not spoiled your furry mate enough, here are the typical must-dos and extra pointers.

The Necessary Expenditures

These are mandatory, and these are the first and essential requirements you need to provide. More info in this link about important pet expenses.

Health care

From the beginning to the end of these animals’ lives, vet care is required. Kittycats and pups require their core vaccines. They need to have their regular checkups as they grow, a couple of boosters, and parasite prevention. Pet dental care is also part of an overall check.


Food is possibly one of the biggest expenses for family pets. Options include dry or wet food or home-cooked meals. Mixing and matching are also great and beneficial for the animals’ health.

There are numerous food options you can see in the market, from those with organically-sourced components to expensive gourmet treats.


Home grooming and expert grooming are both important. With baths in your home, you are making sure that your beloved pets are cleansed of whatever parasites or germs that may adhere to them on their daily walks or activities. You even might have acquired choice grooming products like specialized hair shampoo, soap, and even moisturizing products.

Expert grooming services, on the other hand, ensure a complete experience for the pets. The mouth, skin, ears, etc., are checked with trained eyes. Anything uncommon will be relayed to you or to the veterinarian for instant action.

Insurance Plans or Wellness Plans

If you are interested in readiness, pet insurance or wellness plans might be for your family pets. Insurance plans can help out in emergency scenarios, while wellness plans can help you budget for your family pets’ regular care. Wellness plans can also provide discounted services, so ask your veterinarian about it.

Being Extra

Showing pets some extra loving can be one of the following things. So get your funds all set to let your pets splurge in a bit of luxury.

Accessories and Kennel Couture

Fancy outfits and state-of-the-art tracking devices are stylish among these furries. Pet stores and even online shops provide a wide selection of fashionable pet clothing and fancy accessories. Do not be scared of the bling; your pet is a star.

Fancy Beds and Houses

Homeowners are now into themes and design concepts. So it is just natural that pet bed and kennel designs are to be cohesive with the whole style of your home. If you enjoy maximalist or minimalist styles, you can find suitable accommodations for the real master of the house.

Customized Play Areas

Some cat condos or cat trees are personalized, and the more innovative you are, the much better it gets for your cats. When it comes to dogs, personalized playgrounds are being made with exercise devices to exhaust the limitless energy they have.

Hotel and Spa Treatments

The exquisite pet hotels and spas are upgraded boarding and pet grooming serivces. Pets are treated to 24/7 monitoring and playtime and can even get facials.


If you live a ritzy life, there are likewise stylish hotels that welcome pets. These pets are also offered luxury treatment, with welcome baskets of goodies and comfortable beds. Your family pets can accompany you to pet-friendly dining establishments and other venues.

The Takeaway

Family pets do not need a lot to be happy. Being loved and taken care of are essential things to them. Nevertheless, they do deserve the extras for giving their humans unconditional love and joy.

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