A Complete Guide Towards A Perfect Boarding Experience For Your Pet

Is your pet scheduled for a pet boarding appointment? In this case, both parties, from owners to fur-babies, might be having a bittersweet moment considering that they will be separated from each other even for a short time. As a responsible fur parent, never allow your pet to suffer throughout their boarding stay while enjoying your getaway. So, address this concern by preparing them before their reserved session by adhering to numerous suggestions from professionals.

How to Achieve a Pet-Approved Boarding Stay

Book for an appointment early

The moment the owners decide to go out of town for a vacation trip or they have already reserved a surgical appointment for their pet, they tend to forget about the idea of boarding. For this reason, during their scheduled activities, they cram and hurriedly take their mobile phones and search for “veterinarian near me” to spot potential establishments offering a pet boarding service. However, this is not a desirable step to take due to multiple aspects.

First, boarding facilities might be fully booked, thereby putting more pressure on the owners. Second, late reservations commonly present below-standard studios, compelling you to register for a kennel that is unfit for your pet.

So, while looking forward to your most anticipated vacation, keep in mind that you have fur-babies that also deserve your interest. In such circumstances, a great rule of thumb: simultaneously make boarding reservations for your pet as you proceed in your plans.

Prepare essential documents beforehand

One prevalent facet that most veterinary boarding facilities require is your pet’s vaccination records. This is essential to ensure that they are healthy and protected against potential infections. Take note the establishment takes in several pets onboard daily. You are uncertain whether they are all safe and disease-free. For this reason, having your own pet guarded is the most significant thing whenever you intend to schedule them for a boarding appointment.

Moreover, a couple of pets are subjected to medical prescriptions for various reasons. If your pet remains in this category, prepare those medicines and secure everything in one bag. However, if you are hesitant about the variety of medication you can bring to the boarding facility, seek advice from professionals here to ease your uncertainties. Afterward, never forget to construct a how-to steps outline for each drug to assure that these will be given to your pet the proper way.

Finally, guarantee to create a list of your pet’s behavior, habits, and practices. Jot down crucial details about their personal preferences on facets such as food, environment, and typical routines, including sleeping and eating patterns. This is a technique to give the veterinarian an idea of the ideal approach to handling and managing your pet throughout their stay.

Gather and pack your pet’s favorite items

Pets, especially dogs, totally agree with the principle of familiarity. So, professionals have this to say: make your pet’s home-away stay as intimate as possible to help them feel that homely vibe in that new and strange setting.

One way to address this is by packing their favorite items, from toys to blankets. This strategy allows your pet to feel comfortable even though they are miles away from their comfort zone. It enables them to get used to their temporary surroundings while you are away.

Especially if they are scheduled for extensive veterinary surgery and taken into a boarding facility afterward. Therefore, it is crucial to call and consult ahead of time via the establishment’s official website or hotline to ask about the products you can bring for a pet-satisfied stay.

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