Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

There are times when it can be challenging for a picky animal, mainly when the potential companion is an anxious dog eager to explore his new home and get up close and intimate with his reserved roommate. It’s true that not every household is a perfect match between them, but don’t worry if you have a pet dog and cat.

Cat owners who wish to introduce a dog to their home need to work hard to find a cat-friendly dog. Dogs with a relaxed temperament and a desire to learn desired behaviors from their owners are the best cats to have as companions.

Best Canines for Feline Lovers

A lower level of energy, less chase, less barking, and more traits help dogs be more comfortable with cats. Although every cat and dog is unique, we’ve come up with an extensive list of the most desirable breeds of cats for dogs known to have many desirable characteristics.

1. Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are regarded as the “golden child” of numerous pet owners, and they are one of the first breeds of dogs that spring to mind when thinking of family-friendly breeds. Their friendly, gentle nature extends to the rest of the animal world. Enthusiastic about the chance to delight their owners, goldens are easily trained and will be a good pet for other animals in the home.

The great girls and boys may go out of the way to make friends with the family cat and may even start playing with the cat when their new friend allows it. You must have a vet wellness plan. Planning for your pet’s wellness can lessen the chance of your pet having a severe disorder or illness.

2. Labrador Retrievers

With the Labrador retriever being ranked first on the list of kennel clubs of the top dog breeds since 1991, this adorable dog is a loved pet for families who love to play and share their endless energy to play with kids. Since they’re not aggressive at all, they’re an extremely cat-friendly dog breed with the capacity to build a friendship with the resident cat in the home. 

For your overall veterinary needs, you can hit the web and search for a vet that can accommodate your pets. You can also check their website and contact them for a consultation.

3. Pugs

The pug with a gregarious personality can charm the socks off almost anybody with their crinkly noses and curly tails, so don’t be afraid to bring in the cat in your family. Pugs, much like their feline friends, like cuddling up in warm laps and enjoying a lazy life as their owners pamper them. 

Pugs and cats are similar in size and weigh less than 14 pounds. They also have the same fun collecting z’s throughout day-to-day living. Be sure to have enough space in your lap to accommodate everyone. Various websites like can give you an idea regarding wellness examinations. You must visit your vet regularly to monitor your pet’s well-being.

4. Bulldogs

Bulldogs can be as silly as and girthy. Don’t be fooled by their muscly musculature and intimidating appearance. Many bulldogs have faced off with the “panther” and “wildcat” when on the court or in the field, but bulldogs have no problems with cats other than sport and could be a great companion for your cat as well for your children.

5. Basset Hounds

However, even though bassets’ sensitive sniffers have seen many basset pups on scent trails, cat owners don’t need to be worried about their cat being a part of the hunt. Basset hounds are often happier when around pets and other dogs than when left on their own.

They’re the most difficult breed to train since their minds are heavily influenced by the smells they absorb. If you’re able to give the time and patience, they’ll eventually be able to master it.

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