Experiencing The Effects Of Water Damage? The Reasons Why

Everyone believes this familiar quotation – life is not possible without water; it is definitely part of our daily lives, providing countless benefits. However, this can be overshadowed by the damaging effects on properties, particularly at home. According to studies, about 40% of homeowners have experienced massive water damage losses. We are about to reveal the reasons for this potential disaster on this page.

Root Causes Of Water Damage 

1. Aircon Condensation

Aircons have become a part of every residence worldwide, especially in a location where the sun’s heat frequently prevails. The unit is made with a drainage system to condense moisture. It works until the drain pan, and condensate line is obstructed or damaged by dirt or dust debris, causing water accumulation. This situation can cause leaks directly toward the house, making the insulation soft and drenched while damaging the floors and walls. When this occurs, it may need the professional service of restoration companies like PuroClean.

2. Clogged Gutters

The main application of the house gutter system is to drain rainwater; this would serve as a medium to eliminate the water contents brought on by a severe storm. Having said that, these parts of the house are prone to get clogged by different particles, including fallen leaves and branches from plants, perhaps from the wind. When this happens, rainwater would not have the ability to stream correctly. Instead, it can overflow from the edges and run down at the house’s sides, damaging the ceilings, walls, and floors.

3. Damaged Pipes

Pipes are mounted as a draining channel, conveying substances that can flow from one area to another, such as liquid and gas. Even so, these portions are often susceptible to varying damage ranges such as clogs and leaks. A loose-fitting pipe can release a substantial volume of water, sufficient to ruin any furniture around it. While a broken pipeline inside the walls can disfigure the dividers, leading to a more complicated condition. These situations can promote the growth of an entire colony of molds.

4. Old Appliances

As house appliances get older, their drainage systems can wear out and are more prone to rust buildup with regular use. Hence generating a water damage threat around the house. The dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines can have broken doors, clogged drains, destroyed tubings, and overused gaskets. It creates damage by producing leaks and leaving unnecessary pools of water on the floor. These scenarios intensify gradually, taking in every portion of the house, from electrical wirings to the tiles and paint of the house.

5. Heater and Sump Pump Problems

Water heaters and sump pumps are usually placed in the house basement; when these units are not efficiently functioning, it can bring about severe water damage. An old, poorly maintained, and badly installed water heater can cause major leaks caused by excessive tank pressure. While the sump pumps can suddenly stop working overtime. These situations can cause water to drain out, subsequently flooding the whole location. As a result, you need Milton restoration to deal with its aftermath, not restricted to bacteria buildup, mold growth, and water remediation.

6. Natural Disasters

The occurrence of natural catastrophes is out of our control and power; we don’t know when, where, and how it will transpire. It does not happen regularly, but it can always give rise to water damage, beating the property out. Severe weather such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, and snowstorms can bring excessive water because of strong winds and heavy downpours of rainwater, causing major flooding. The land can not absorb large amounts of water. Thus, it can stream straight down inside the property.

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