Searching for a Pet Boarding Facility? Follow These 4 Simple Steps

Have you ever been away from home for an extended length of time and been concerned about your dog or cat’s well-being? If you’re taking a trip, you’ll need to find a boarding facility for your cat or dog while you are away. Although selecting a boarding facility for your pet may take some time and effort, the time and effort you put into this process will be well worth it in terms of your peace of mind as well as the health and well-being of your animal companion.

Steps to Find the Best Pet Boarding

Where do you start your hunt for pet boarding? When searching for the best dog or cat boarding facility, there are a few factors to consider.

Consult with a Veterinarian

Even though veterinarians often provide boarding services, their facilities typically only have a limited capacity to handle ill or infectious animals. A majority of the time, they offer cage boarding for animals. As a result, they often recommend their customers to boarding facilities in the surrounding area for boarding. 


Their knowledge of the pet boarding facilities in the region is crucial since they have first-hand information of the services they provide. Many dogs have lately shown up at their clinic with health difficulties due to their trips to a certain institution, and they would be understanding of the situation.


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Ask Your Friends

A friend who has had their pet boarded is a great source of referrals for boarding facilities. A pet service company’s performance is judged by how well their pet is handled when picked up from the facility. Even if you do considerable prior research on pet-boarding facilities, only a friend who has previously boarded their pet can understand the critical decision-making time you will face.


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Check Client Reviews

Although reviews may be a valuable source of information, they should be used with caution and with extreme caution. Pet care facility employees’ friends or employees are unlikely to offer favorable reviews of their employer’s establishment. Even negative evaluations aren’t always true since they may have been given by a dissatisfied employee or a rival who didn’t like their job. As a source of ratings and reviews, Yelp is a reliable resource since it applies controls and algorithms to guarantee that only positive assessments show at the top of the page.


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Take a Tour

It is unbelievable how few individuals are aware that they can take part in a tour. If a facility refuses to allow you to see it, this is a significant signal that you should be aware of before going there yourself. Keep in mind that they may only provide tours during particular hours, which is acceptable given that a lot of cleaning takes place during specific hours when the floors may be wet, and the hoses may be out. This raises questions about accountability and public safety. So insist on taking a tour—but only when the timing is right for everyone.

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