Keeping Up With Tech Trends

Tech Trends

It’s no surprise that trends change constantly due to the constant evolution of technology. Many companies are trying to keep up with current trends and create new startups in tech that will appeal to the public and keep them coming back for more.

Flappy Bird is an example. Even though the app was originally released in May 2013, it became a huge success in 2014. It even became the most downloaded game free in the Apple App Store in 2014. It earned $50,000 per day! The creator of the game felt guilty for its addictive nature and removed it from the application stores. However, this allowed developers to create similar applications. Hundreds of flappy birds-like applications were soon created and published in the app stores. Now, the flappy bird seems to have faded away and it looks like the hype is over.

You can be one of these companies or just a drafter for a new trend in tech. We’ve identified the top four tech trends for this year. Take note!

Think Smart

People are becoming more tech-savvy. Smartphones are being developed by companies. Are you unsure of the time? You can check your smartwatch. Smart glasses are becoming more popular and you can even wear your computer with them. Developers are constantly finding innovative ways to make the world smarter. Make your own app or device to keep the momentum going.

Some privacy, please

People are more concerned about privacy and keeping it private, with a lot of news about privacy invasions. Snapchat and private apps that protect your photos and other information have been popular because of their privacy-promising qualities. This consumer need is being met by more apps.


Amazon has launched the video for their Prime Air. You know they are coming. We can see that drones won’t be just something we see on TV, but will be something we experience very soon.

Data Forever

Unlimited data has become a big trend with the popularity of social media and websites. You can use unlimited data to improve advertising, create better products, or enhance the user experience. There are many possibilities.

We are now entering 2012 and it is time to look into the future and predict the next months. Let’s look at five tech trends that will impact the way you engage customers and drive growth for your business this year.

Facebook will continue its dominance in social media.

You must connect with customers online if you want to be successful. Facebook will be that place in 2012 for most people.

If you find this prediction more like saying the obvious than being bold, let us all remember the glory days when MySpace was all that social networking had.

The only constant in the constantly changing world of social media is changing. Change and Facebook are both constants.

Their reach has been extended far beyond their home base via the Internet (primarily through Facebook Connect, and Open Graph). Facebook is now an integral part of online life and not just another destination.

It’s okay to experiment with different platforms. But don’t forget Facebook because it’s not the coolest. You should remember that your customers are still around, so you should, too.

Google+ will continue to exist, but it will be a niche network.

Google+ is the other side of social media. Google+ was once hailed as the Facebook killer. However, it will eventually be relegated into a niche network.

Google+’s best feature is its integration with other components of the Google toolbox. Gmail, Google Docs, and Reader are all available. Google+ is a great complement to these.

Google+ is nothing more than that. It isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s also not terrible. It is what it is. It doesn’t have enough magnetism to entice users away from their existing online homes.

If you are trying to figure out how to spend limited resources on social media in the new year, it is worth focusing your attention on established platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

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