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This has been a year from…

There is always an opportunity to learn from every bad thing in life.

I will always be polite and diplomatic in asking questions! Someone with a chronic illness will always ask me “How did you know?” Did you notice any warning signs that we might have sloughed off due to stress, age, or another condition?

What is the secret to these covid variants?

Let’s start with a brief overview of virology. The best example of our idea of “to infinity and beyond” is probably viruses. They are probably the most abundant form of “life” on Earth, and possibly elsewhere. It is not an exaggeration to say that exponential growth is a reality. Literally, trillions to be exact.

The shell of a virus, called the capsid, protects the virus’s genome and viral material. Extra protective coatings are used by some viruses, such as Hep C and coronavirus.

Soap is the enemy of viral envelopes. It is their kryptonite. This is why soap washing is so important to kill the virus.

The coronavirus picks up tiny changes in its genetic code every time it transmits between people. Researchers have been observing patterns in how the virus is evolving to identify coronavirus variants. Covid-19 is the leading track star in viruses, redefining the speed at which a virus can evolve. We don’t know how many variants are currently available, nor how many we might have in the future.

It is vital to be vigilant about preventing transmission – it is even more crucial now to help stop the possibility of mutations.

To prevent further mutations, handwashing with soap, using masks, distancing, covid-19 screening, and adhering to lockdowns are essential. This vaccine is not a free pass to jail! Please read!

We hope that our vaccines can keep up with these mutations. Every year, if not more often than necessary, flu vaccines must be updated. We know that the coronavirus vaccines require constant updates. This is more than any software we’ve ever complained about.

Evolution in action… Survival of the fittest: The use of vaccines and treatments can force viruses and bacteria to develop new ways to survive and thrive. These viruses have an evolutionary advantage.

What can we do to be proactive in our fight against multiple coronaviruses

For more detailed manuals and advice about this topic, please see Magical Adventure.

Yes, all of us must follow the rules to prevent transmission. How can we make sure that we are not exposed to these viruses?

There are many articles here on the role of chronic inflammation in all chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and vascular disease, arthritis as well as depression, and cancer. Chronic inflammation is the root cause of our body’s inability to fight off all the nastiness that comes our way. AKA: Our defenses are weak.

Patients suffering from severe reactions to the virus may have their lungs damaged and require supplemental oxygen. These cases are at risk for death by more than 40%

March 2021 Journal of Immunity. Donna Farber, PhD., Professor of Microbiology & Immunity, Chief of Surgical Sciences Columbia University. “Even though people are getting vaccinated, severe COVID-19 still poses a risk to certain individuals. We need to find ways that we can treat those who have severe COVID-19.”

People often refer to patients suffering from a cytokine storm, but what we see in the lungs is quite different. These cytokines were released by the immune cells of the lung.

It’s a complex science. The bottom line is that lowering inflammation levels is our best defense against severe reactions to the virus. People with chronic conditions or underlying issues are more susceptible to the virus.

You can read my many articles on chronic inflammation and how to reduce the risk for all chronic diseases. This is supported by research. In chronic care management, my goal is to make reducing chronic inflammation a top priority. Reducing inflammation encompasses all of our healthy lifestyle practices. Be careful that you don’t “pave the way to hell with your good intentions”. Also, make sure you are reading the science behind lowering inflammation and not just the popular science.

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